Vinyl-wrapped Headers

All slide rooms use a set of headers and legs for support and to help form a waterproof seal for your slide rooms.  Check out our high quality, ready to install solution.

Vinyl-wrapped headers can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and lengths to fit your exact requirements.  Common sizes are 5 1/2" wide by 144" and longer.  We will be happy to supply your exact sizes.

Vinyl Wrapped Headers

Vinyl wrapped headers are used on the interior of an RV.  They surround the slide room adding strength and support.  They also provide an exterior water proof barrier when installed correctly.

We produce our headers on both plywood substrate and high grade oriented strand board.  Then we wrap each header with a water proof vinyl and water proof adhesive.

Pretty much any size you need.  Each manufacturer has different requirements.

We utilize several warehouses in the United States. Our primary locations are in Elkhart Indiana and La Grande Oregon. We understand the needs of production and stock multiple truckloads at all times