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PAKtite® is a category of hybrid cargo panel products that evolved out of the tough end-use requirements of the RV and marine industries. These unique industrial product applications have been re-purposed, re-developed, and completely tested for cargo trailer end-uses. PAKtite cargo products are the very best available and are guaranteed to perform in enclosed cargo trailers.

PAKtite Products Include:


PAKtite® Cargo Panels – Performance engineered OSB panels with greatly enhanced physical properties specifically designed for use as floors, walls and doors in enclosed cargo trailers.


Dyna Core® Hardwood Plywood – Light-weight hardwood plywood designed and manufactured with more veneer layers, tighter core lines and uniform appearance.


AQUA PLY PLUS® – Specialty marine-type softwood plywood pressure-treated with AQUA SEAL® oxide-formulated preservatives to prevent rot and insect damage.


TRED-eXtreme® – High-density polyethylene overlay laminated to structural plywood for great wear and abrasion resistance.